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Worship Service

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Every Sunday

10:15am – 11:30pm

Category: Worship Service

When you join us for our Sunday worship experience, you're entering a place filled with the energy of people whose primary goal is to represent the love of Jesus Christ.  If you arrive early, we invite you to stop by the cafe for coffee, juice or a breakfast item.

For parents: we offer age-specific programs that are both fun and educational. Find out more information by visiting our Children or Youth Ministries page.

Our worship experience begins with music. We believe music speaks to the heart and soul, and that it is a critical component when preparing the heart and soul to receive the message God has in store for you.  

After an opportunity to greet our guest, you can look forward to a word from Pastor, H. Alan Mushegan, Sr. that you can apply directly to your daily life. You can listen to the previous messages on our site, or subscribe to our podcast on iTunes or Google Play. 

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