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Even under the best of circumstances, being a teenager can be a turbulent time. With a relentless influence of TV, movies, the music industry, the Internet and assault from the media in this generation, our youth need the power of Jesus Christ more than ever.

We understand the issues young people are experiencing today cut across all economic, social, and racial lines. We know our children are exposed to pressures and problems we never faced.

We hear people say, these kids have everything, why are they stressing? The truth is, most are too inexperienced to handle stress and anxiety; this is where our leaders put into action Proverbs 1:4 "giving to simple ones -- prudence, To a youth -- knowledge and discretion."

We teach our youth who they are in Christ, and how to use the force Jesus has given them. We equip them to stand firm on their faith in adversity, reminding them that they can be that force that changes their friends, their school, and even their family.  

Our mission is clear:

To teach a generation of youth living life to its extremes, to grow in their passion for God; using the force within them to create a world that experiences the power and love of Jesus Christ.