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Women's Zoom Group

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Every Tuesday until February 7, 2023

7:00pm – 8:00pm

Category: Women's Events

"We are a group of women who believe in the power of unity! We believe in encouraging each other, providing love and hope to each other, and, more than anything empowering each other to be who God called us to be."

However, we can never be who God called us to be until we learn how to forgive!

Forgiveness is when you live in the present rather than being anchored to the past. It's when you take back the power God has given you and move forward into His purpose and plan. It's not just about the past; it's the present and the future. 

Some may believe you don't need this course, but do you know someone who does? Do you know someone that could benefit from you studying with them as we take this journey of forgiveness together: sister, friend, aunt, cousin, etc.? 

As we begin 2023, we invite you to join us in creating a foundation of forgiveness together.

Our 5-week study is being hosted on Zoom. Each session will be an hour, with 15- 20 minutes of teaching and 20-30 minutes in smaller groups for an open discussion that includes questions we all need to ask ourselves. We will use the last few minutes to close together in prayer.  

If you want to be part of this breakthrough study, please register. You will receive an email with the zoom invitation link on Friday before the Tuesday meetings.